NGP Fellowship Report : The 13th Biennial Conference of Chinese Neuroscience Society (CNS 2019)

Lingling Mai, D2,
Graduate School of Medicine

The 13th Biennial Conference of Chinese Neuroscience Society (CNS 2019) from Oct 10th to 13th was held in Su Zhou which is a beautiful and cultural city and well known for its beautiful gardens. It is my pleasure to attend this meeting and give a poster presentation as a winner of the JNS-CNS Exchange Travel Award.

The conference involved many excellent scientists working in different fields of neuroscience around the world who shared their research and gave their valuable insights into the nature of challenges in the near future. In the symposium of neural development and autism, the monkey model of autism, the autism gene database and the sense of fairness in high function autism left me a deep impression.

Some Japanese scientists gave interesting talks during the meeting. Prof. Haruhiko Bito as a plenary speaker shared not only his fascinating research but also his experience of starting and developing the academic connection with Chinese neuroscientists.

During my poster presentation, many researchers visited my poster. They were impressed by our mouse model of paternal aging and the research angle of individuality. One of the advantages for me to attend this conference is that the discussion can be carried out in the mother tongue. One interesting discussion was the different development patterns of vocalization between mouse and marmoset. Some researchers also provided me some suggestions to detect the underlying mechanism such as stimulating the targeted brain regions by the method of electrophysiology.

All in all, this meeting has functions to promote the information flows, to forecast, share and exchange the latest research of neuroscience. Science exchange is the basic mechanism that science relies on to exist in the world. I do hope for the further development of scientific communication between Japan and China.