Tohoku University has launched nine International Joint Graduate Programs with the support from Top Global University Project of MEXT to improve educational environment in view of the international level.

In the life science field, Neuro Global Program has started from April 2018.
In this course, program students will be selected from laboratories belonging to the program covering research fields of life sciences, genomic and meta-genomic science, epidemiology, and clinical science, with the focus on neuroscience.

Neuro Global Program students are selected by passing Qualifying Exam after entering either Graduate School of Life Sciences or Graduate School of Medicine, and able to study for a short-term (e.g., 6 months) at a collaborating partner institution overseas with the financial support for travel.

We are waiting for those who aim to become researchers who can be active and internationally recognized in the future!


Noriko Osumi

Leader, Neuro Global International Joint Graduate Program, Tohoku University
Vice President, Tohoku University
Executive Director, United Centers for Advanced Research & Translational Medicine (ART), Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine

Tohoku University has promoted a global education and research environment based on our traditional philosophy of "Opening the door" from the establishment of our university. The Division for International Joint Graduate Programs, Tohoku University Institute for Promoting Graduate Degree Programs has been established since 2015, and is now consisted with nine programs.

The Neuro Global Program (NGP) has officially begun in April of 2018 in the fields of life science and neuroscience. Students will be selected from graduate students belonging to Graduate School of Life Sciences and Graduate School of Medicine, and provided various opportunities such as to attend special lectures in English, Spring School for academic English training, Summer School with distinguished scientists, and so on.

NGP students who pass Qualifying Exam 1 (QE1) at the end of the master course can study abroad for several months in host laboratories in collaborating foreign universities/institutes with financial support for travel cost. We recruit excellent students from domestic and overseas.

Further internationalization is required for researchers who will be active in the field of life science and neuroscience in the future. By all means, do participate in NGP and acquire international research capabilities and leadership.

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