“【Brain Science Lecture III】/【Advanced brain Science Lecture III 】 Zoom Seminar for NGP Students Online #1” was held in July 13, 2020

Comment about NGP online lecture

Graduate School of Medicine

Due to COVID-19, the class was held online. We did one minutes presentation, and introduced our own research project to other students. It was very exciting to know other students’ research projects. Also, it was a great opportunity for future collaborations. Although this situation is sort of abnormal, we learned that interacting with other researchers or students still can be done online. Even in this situation, I want to discuss actively with other researchers online and do what I can do.

D2 Lingling MAI
Graduate School of Medicine

Nearly every aspect of normal life has been affected by the spread of coronavirus and its associated disease, COVID-19. Its effects on colleges and universities are multifaceted and quite complex. An unexpected consequence of this pandemic is that higher education will become significantly more accessible as universities think about how to move all of their programs online. Meanwhile, for researchers and graduate students, a communication plan for rapid and convenient sharing of information between each other and/or within the research group should be developed and applied.

M2 Sharmin NAHER
Graduate School of Life Sciences

I think, communication among different research fields is vital for sharing our research activities. Although we are now facing communication challenges caused by COVID-19 pandemic, we can, fortunately, connect with each other via this online meeting. This online meeting gives me an opportunity to share my work with anotehr NGP students and to know about others research works during this COVID-19 crisis which is very helpful for me.