“【Brain Science Lecture III】/【Advanced brain Science Lecture III 】 Zoom Seminar for NGP Students Online #2” was held in September 7, 2020

Comment about NGP online lecture

D2 Masato OHI
Graduate School of Life Sciences

I took the second NGP online seminar. In this seminar, 6 NGP students including me did presentations on their researches and Q&A. The other presenters' presentations were really interesting and gave me knowledge about their research projects. Concerning my presentation, I thought that this experience of introducing and discussing my research to others online was very valuable for my future research activities because many conferences had been changed to online due to COVID-19.

D1 Rintaro YOSHINO
Graduate School of Life Sciences

This Zoom Seminar for NGP Students Online #2 was the first time for presentation and meaningful for me in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has drastically changed our lifestyle and required us to adapt to the New-Normal.

In this seminar, in particular, I watched to presentations on research in different fields, and I realized the differences in the way of thinking about the handling of experimental data depending on the different model animals. it gave me an opportunity to think about whether my computational processing for my data is really appropriate.

Furthermore, with the increased accessibility of higher education, as it goes online, I feel the need to be more sensitive than ever before to information about research activities taking place around the world.

D1 Katrina LYNN
Graduate School of Life Sciences

I found these longer talks of fellow students’ research to be particularly useful in being able to discuss and share research activities and comments amongst our peers in the Neuro Global Program. Because of COVID-19, everyone must adapt to new strategies for daily activities. Even with this change, I found this lecture to be very well organized and smoothly run. Students were able to ask questions and follow others’ research, even for those whose field we may not be familiar with; and rarely do we get an opportunity to do these sorts of talks and answer questions from those outside of our own labs. I was grateful to be able to both practice speaking about my own research as well as learn and discuss about others’ research.